Your Marketing Advocate

Paraclete Marketing Group (PMG) specializes being an advocate for our clients in the vast world of marketing. Marketing is so broad and can be daunting for many. With the main goal being the success for clients, we strive to determine the best ways to help clients. We work alongside our clients, as true partners, to listen to their needs and concerns, offer advice, provide solutions, and execute marketing plans on their behalf, allowing clients time to do what they do best. Marketing encompasses many opportunities for marketers to consider. PMG offers a wide variety of services to help with planning and implementing marketing strategies, such as social media marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, traditional marketing - national and broadcast television and cable, broadcast radio, direct mail, print solutions. Though based in Williamsburg, VA, vast experience allows us to service clients all over the United States.


Paraclete Marketing Group will help you connect all the pieces, reach the right people, encourage action and generate results. We are a small advertising agency located in Williamsburg, Virginia, offering marketing solutions with a customized approach to build winning brands – no matter the size or budget of the company. Media planning and buying is a key advertising discipline – and the foundation of Paraclete Marketing Group.


It is based on client objectives utilizing stealthy research and insight. We can help connect the pieces. We are able to execute strategic buys that reach the desired audience through the most effective mediums, gaining out- standing exposure, and maximizing investments. Once a buy is in place, it is closely monitored for performance, helping clients realize their full marketing potential.

Our skilled team members are dedicated to paying close attention to your goals and applying proven marketing techniques based on your industry. With an acquired budget, we will identify your target market, exactly which medium to use, along with the desired TV, radio and/or publications and create an appropriate media schedule. You can rest assured that Paraclete Marketing Group will increase your brand awareness.


One call puts you in touch with an imaginative and resourceful marketing & design agency with comprehensive solutions to help you grow.

At Paraclete we built our reputation and business becoming the agency that can help define your brand identity and marketing strategy, and execute it where your customers exist.